Marian Tucker
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Born in Illinois on August 11, 1920.
Graduates from High School one year early.
May 1941
Graduates from St. Olaf College in Northfield MN (attended North Park College in Chicago for first 2 years)
April 24, 1943
Married Thomas A. Tucker, Chicago, Illinois. Wearing a green spring suit and a gardenia corsage, she walked down the staircase at her cousin's house to "Air to a G-String"... giving Tom an excuse to tease her mercilessly about her lingerie for the next 50 years.
War is over! Tom and Marian move to Detroit, where they can hole up with Marian's parents, since housing is in short supply throughout the country.
January 31 1946
First son Philip is born.
December 26 1947
Son Brian is born... and as he develops quite quickly, Marian and Tom notice that Philip has signifiant delays in comparison...
About 1948
Philip is diagnosed as mentally retarded and Tom and Marian are told by an "expert" to put him away in an institution and forget they ever had him. They decline and Tom stops himself from decking the guy. They find another doctor who confirms the diagnosis, but follows by saying there is much Phil can learn, and new technologies and understandings are coming along every day. Marian and Tom talk throughout their lives of their heartfelt appreciation and respect for this compassionate man, whose name this editor has sadly forgotten.
Marian and Tom begin a lifetime of advocacy work for people with developmental disabiltiies. At this time in history, most mentally retarded people are placed in institutions. Along with Tom, Marian will be a notable force of a new generation of people who work for self-empowerment for people with brain damage.
June 22, 1955
Daughter Gail is born.
November 13, 1957
Son Jim is born.
Marian adds anti-war activism to her justice work, in protest over Viet Nam, and its toll on her family as Brian deserts the Army for Canada. Much of the country is still complacent about our country's "conflict", and Marian does her part to awaken them by dropping what amounts to a social bomb every time someone complains about the "damn hippies": She flattens the conversation with a very proud, "Oh really? Well my son is a deserter."
Years of vision and hard work bring HEP house to fruition. Philip is one of the charter residents. Housing for Exceptional People will go on to build 2 homes and 1 home is still in operation at the time of her death. People with MR who never were institutionalized now have need of non-family places to live, and group homes are the answer. HEP is visionary for its time, with an emphasis on art, fine furnishings and a family atmosphere. When Marian and Tom get an unexpected opportunity to move to Chicago, she asks Philip if he will miss them and want to come along? He says, "No, HEP my home now"... and Marian is rightly proud of her accomplishment in giving her eldest son a life beyond his mother's and father's.
Tom and Marian move to Calfornia where Brian, Gail and Jim live already, and where Marian's dear sister, Helen and her family live.
February 1995
Marian is widowed, when Tom passes away from complications of a stroke.
August 1999
Diagnosed with "Dementia, probably Alzheimers" by Stanford/VA Clinic.
Passed away on January 04, 2005 at the age of 84.
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