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COMFORT, COMFORT, COMFORT  / Denise King (none)
I am sorry to hear of your loss.  I send my sincere condolences to the family and friends.  It is at times like this that we need comfort, support, and questions answered.  I have found the Bible to be a source of great comforrt for me in my times of sorrow and I know that you can benefit from it's many promises as well.  One such promise is recorded at John 5: 28 & 29, which states: "Do not marvel at this, because the hour is coming in which all those in the memorial tombs will hear his voice and come out.."  Yes, Almighty God Jehovah through his Son Christ Jesus has promise to bring back to life our dearly belove ones.  Where?  Jesus answers this question at Luke 23: 42, 43.  Here he states,"... Truly, I tell you today, you will be with me in Paradise".  A beautiful Paradise earth where righteous and meek ones will reside forever. (Psalms 37: 29).  All of God's promises we can trust, for it is impossible for him to lie. -Heb. 6: 18. 
How Wonderful  / Imani Marley-Husbands (None)
I am not a family friend or even a brief passer-by in the life of Marian. I was searching the web for direction, as to how to begin to sum of the life of my grandmother Waneta (of Boston, MA), who is on a downward spiral with regards to her battle with Cancer.

I, being her 3 grandchild, have been lovingly tasked by her, to create her funeral program. This is her wish and I must do it, but it is soooo hard - as I have to come to terms/grips with the fact that my dear Nana will no longer be of this earth.

I was trying to find the words and as I begun to type, or compile information, I would get choked up or cry. She has not passed on to Glory as yet, but is close.

Then I happended on upon this beautiful tribute to Marian, viewed her lovely pictures (I especially liked the baby picture and the one taken in 2000) and read the sentiments and felt renewed.

Thank you for such a beautiful site and I hope you don't mind that I have drawn inspiration from it.

May your lovely Marian rest in peace, and your family be comforted by her lasting memory.

Imani Marley-Husbands
Atlanta, Georgia
To the Family and Friends of Marian Ness Tucker  / Tracy Finch (No Relation)
My sincere condolences to the family and friends of Marian Ness Tucker. May God give you strength to get through this difficult time. Peace be with you!
What a beautiful woman!  / Patty White (none)
After reading her "story" and looking at her beautiful pictures I feel that I've known her. She sure was blessed with the love of life and God's given talents. I am sorry for the loss of such a gifted and talented, loving woman.  Her smile just lights up her face and from the day she was born til the end she I'm sure has touched many, many lives and lives in the hearts of all that knew her. God Bless you and your families.
Marian, Strongest Woman I Ever Knew / Tina Ness (Niece)
She was the rock of the Ness family for sure. My Dad always spoke softly and almost with reverence about her. She did so much for all. If only we all could accomplish a fraction of what she did the world would be a better place. Truly this side of the family had lost contact with all of you. Please try to keep in touch. Hope they are all have a great time drinking and playing cards again. I send all my love to her kids and grandkids tuff time for all of you. You are in my prayers and thoughts.
Tina - yeah took the maiden name back-whew, marriage what a ride!
New visitor, touched by page.  / T. Worrell (none)
I was searching for cemetary websites when I came across the link to this page.  The first face I saw on this site was Marian's and I was intrigued to visit her.  She seems as if she was both well-liked and well-loved.  I want to express my sincere condolences to her family and friends. Really touching were the pictures of she and her husband, both when they were younger in the 90s and older in 2000.  It shows how time passes and you don't notice how people and things are changing around you--until it is summarized within a photo.  Those pictures made me even more happy to be married and look forward to the same progression of photos with my husband.  Thank you all for sharing your memories.  I will not yet say that I know how you feel, because I haven't shared that same experience, but I will say that each person has their own grief-span, and no one can tell you how long is too long to miss and cry for Marian.  She is and was a great asset to you, and no one can take that away, let alone trivialize the emotions that go along with that.  Thank you for your page, T. Worrell.
Books & Bridge  / Diana Schilling (friend)
I am a Seacliff friend from many years ago who thought the world of Marian. We played bridge together and she always had a piano nearby and lots of books that she would generously lend. She was an example of strength upon unexpectedly losing her son, something we tragically shared in common. Meeting her and Tom enlarged my California outlook. She adored her family and shared her loving spirit with all. There is no doubt she will be remembered with pride and love always.   
You are in our thoughts and prayers at this time.  / Walt &. Ida Zanmiller (Friends)
We were so very sad to hear of Marian's death.  We both felt very blessed to have known Marian (and Tom) when we lived in California.  It seemed like we were true kindred spirits as we were from Northfield and they had gone to St. Olaf.  How I loved discussing politics with Marian--always so fun to have someone you agree with.  A mutual friend of ours who happens to be a Republican told me many years later that she was afraid of the two of us when we were discussing politics!!!  It was always great to share a bridge game which we did very often.  I know she will be missed greatly by all the family and so many friends in very many different places.  She touched so many lives in such a wonderful way. I loved her alot.     Ida Zanmiller
found this site by accident  / Jane Hill (none)
she had the face of an angel sweet
written with love  / Krista Ayala (a visitor to this page)
it is a pleasure to read about this woman who lived her life i have great respect for her and to all the family members , prayers are with you. just know that. written with love
I Always Called Her Mom  / Sumi Lewis (Daughter-In-Law)
Marian was a wonderful person and a great mother-in-law to me. I always called her "Mom" because she felt like a mom to me, too. We will all miss her very much as a loving prescense in our lives.
Family Memories  / Steve Kingsley (Nephew)
Only such a wonderful person as your mother could make such a small person as myself lift his head from the sand of daily life. I spent last Monday in somber remebrance of her, and the other members of our family who have passed. Truly our world is lessened without her living presence. I do feel blessed to have had her and Tom be part of my life. For some reason I take personal pleasure in their being able to spend some of their golden years at Seacliff, and I'll take comfort in remembering them and Helen, Harry and Thora whenever I'm at Seacliff. I've prayed to God to hold her close to him. Margaret and I look forward to April 2.
Wonderful Neighbors  / Jo &. Tom Neff (Friends)
Many memories shared with Marian and tom have come flooding back... their generosity, friendship, humor and goodness. We are grrateful for their example of "being wonderful neighbors"... really the first to knoock on the door with a plate of brownies when we moved to Rosedale Park. Our sessions of bridge were punctuated by conversations about family, education, (religion, sex & politics - the topics most say to avoid!) and sundry other things. We never had cross words and determined we had so much in common, how could we be in opposing political paties? Marian will be in a corner of my heart until that day when her vision of Heaven is those we hold dear are reunited. May that be true for her now. As time goes by, your memories will be those of when Marian (and Tom) were active, and pursing their dreams. Of course, family was always the top priority: This is evident by knowing their children. All of you have been a blessing to your parents. They are proud! With Love, Jo & Tom.
A gracious woman  / Kathy Leeper (friend of the Whipples)
I had the pleasure to meet your mother on a number of occasions and was always impressed by her gracious spirit. Her memory lives on in her family and the remarkable way they have shared her life and passions in this most creative forum. Her compassionate heart lives in the hearts of her children and grandchildren and the world is a better place because Marian shared her life with so many.
I'm sure her heart was singing.  / Sheryl Coulston (Fellow Church Member)
I was working at Christ Lutheran while Pastor Herb Schmidt was there and know that we had contact with you at that time when you were getting ready to move her. I remember her well as she would come in the church office. She always had a sweet smile and was very kind. I never knew your father but Marian always shared about him. I’ve wondered over the years how she was doing. I am glad her send off was with hymns being sung sweetly. I’m sure her heart was singing. As difficult as it is when we say our goodbyes it is wonderful her children were close by her side. Also thank you for the beautiful website… it was nice to see her pictures. I hope to see you at her memorial service here. I’m sure there will be many that will want to share with you at that time to celebrate her life. May God hold you at this difficult time. Blessings, Sheryl Coulston Member, Christ Lutheran Church
A dear friend in the faith  / Rev. Kevin &. Debi Murphy (friends, former pastor)
Marian couldn't not lead. She was Christ Lutheran's first woman congregation president, and Tom was on the Call Committee when we was asked to Aptos. Their love and friendship meant the world to our family when moving to a new community. God bless the resurrected life and memory of Marian (Tom and Brian).
My Dear Cousin Marian  / Audrey Grendahl (Family)
I am so sad to hear that my dear cousin Marian has died and wish you all strength in your faith in the Lord that her spirit now resides with Him. The last time I saw her was at the Grendahl family reunion at Estes Park, CO about 4 years ago and am glad to have pictures of her there. I have many pleasant memories of her and am so sorry that we can no longer talk to each other about family history, but am so glad that she wrote her autobiography and also of your Dad. My best wishes are for all of you and prayers for you to cope with your loss. Love, Audrey
Remembering The Best Coffee, Bridge & Hymns...  / Adele Kittleson (Dear Friend)
I know it was her time, but I am missing Marian so much even though we had not been together much at all in recent years.. I have been remembering all the hours we spent together drinking coffee and discussing every issue in the world of church and politics and families and bridge.....I have had many very good friends through the years, but not any I related to as well as to Marian in those days. The last two times I visited her in Aptos, we spent an evening with me naming hymns and Marian playing them as only she could.....I went out to my cottage today (I am in town in an apt. for the winter) and played hymns on my organ as I remembered her.
Our Deepest Sympathies.  / Rose & Gordon Kingsley (Family)
Gordon and I send our deepest sympathies. She is truly in a better place, I do believe. Our love is with you. When you decide to have a memorial service, I would like to offer my voice and sing something very special. Please let me know if that is something you would consider.

With love and prayers, Rose
Always a Role Model  / Laura Rose (Friend/Family)
I sat silent in prayer for several minutes after reading this. Although it was expected news, it is still a jolt to lose someone who was such a part of my life since I was a small child. I loved her and she was always a role model for me.

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